Hello! Good to see you.

Exploring Emerging Tech For Fun And Profit.
My research is focused on next generation distributed sense & respond systems and data platform architecture. I keep a keen eye on new technologies and look for opportunities to experiment with them in customer-centric scenarios.

I am good at connecting the dots in the space of technology and design and taking ideas from rough sketches through to prototypes and products, with the belief that certain problems cannot be solved with the same level of thinking (or tools) that created them.

I recently contributed as a technical peer reviewer for Victor Yocco’s book Design for the Mind. I am currently writing a book about strategies for developing Minimum Viable Products.

I’m an avid photographer - a three panel photoset of mine was displayed as part of London Photowalk Exhibition 2011 at Old Royal Naval College Visitor Centre, Greenwich London.

I’m currently a fellow at the RSA and always happy to chat over a cup of coffee. If you have an idea, need technical due-diligence or strategy advice for a prototype or product, let’s talk. You can connect with me via LinkedIn, Twitter or email.